Workshops For Parents

It’s Elementary! New Media a Workshop for parents and teachers. How to approach kids who are tech literate, but still too socially clueless to really be “out there” playing in media “traffic.” What is a “quality” app for this age range?  How to enjoy TV, movies and video games with your kids without letting them take over your lives, or exposing them to too much scary stuff. How can we talk to kids this age about the games they play, the movies they watch and the books they read?

Beyond “Screen Time”: Raising Your Digital Native Raising Digital Natives offers a refreshing perspective on kids and media that goes beyond the common admonishment to limit “screen time” to offer parents concrete criteria to evaluate the quality of the children’s media experiences they choose. Devorah addresses parents questions about how to create a positive media ecology in your home that is proactive, fun and smart!

Building a Family Culture of Technology: Devorah Heitner will offer suggestions about key media issues to discuss with your child. Are your kids asking for cellphones? Do they download apps you don’t recognize? Learn how you can respond to these experiences and more to create a smart tech culture in your family where you lead by example. In addition, learn how your digital native can also mentor you on some of the latest developments! Find creative ways for technology to bring your family together.

Rewriting Princess Culture: Rewriting Princess Culture-a talk about finding empowering media images for girls and boys. If you read Cinderella Ate My Daughter and are now saying to yourself, “so what can I do?” this is the workshop for you.?



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