Devorah Heitner. Expert on raising kids in the digital age. Speaker. Conversation guide. Digital citizenship consultant.

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Devorah Heitner, PhD
Founder, Raising Digital Natives

Kids seem surgically attached to their devices.

Families are having a hard time “unplugging.”

Schools have tech policies that no one understands–or observes.

Kids need your mentorship and wisdom.

My specialty is helping adults have important conversations with kids (and themselves) about technology + communication. Schools and families consult with me on their most vexing digital dilemmas. I partner with schools and families to raise thoughtful digital citizens

Feeling overwhelmed by all the apps?

This blog post has some simple ways you can get to know your kids’ world.

Here are some recent articles I’ve written about cultivating empathy in kids’s social media experiences and fostering digital citizenship.

Devorah has a clear, culturally-based perspective on the digital world in which our children (natives) live and how we as parents (immigrants) can best navigate this world with the most positive results for everyone involved. She combines humor, the latest research and practical takeaway points, all making for a very effective, thought-provoking presentation.

Martha Silberman, Deerfield Parent Network   (more testimonials)     

Devorah did an amazing job connecting with parents about raising digital natives. She had terrific ideas about how to set reasonable boundaries and weave technology into family life in healthy, thoughtful ways. Devorah is thinking deeply about these issues as a parent, teacher, and researcher. She can be a guide to all of us exploring this new frontier.

Cory Stutts, Head of Middle School Catherine Cook School

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